Phoning it in

Volume 1, Issue 3; 01 Mar 2017

Easier authoring is one of the advantages of this new weblog.

When I decided to base my new weblog on Markdown, I knew it would come with one clear advantage: easier data entry. Ideally, this means I'll write more.

I wrote most of this on my phone in the cell phone waiting lot at AUS. It's definitely not the way I'd want to write a novel, but it's not too bad for a few paragraphs.

Well, mostly.

I have to say, the SimpleMDE widget has some issues. In portrait mode, it appears to interact badly with autocorrect. Typing space after a word seems to complete the word but not advance the cursor. Punctuation does even stranger things. Landscape is better, but (perhaps because) there's no autocorrect from which to pick predicted words.

Even so, I've banged out a few paragraphs, certainly well over 140 characters, in short order without difficulty.

That seems like a win.

Later that day · This part I'm writing with a tablet. It isn't exhibiting the same problems, but there are still curiosities. The shift key “sticks” instead of only being active for a single key and the autocorrect UI is present but not operational. hmph