05 Dec 2019

So. I’m starting over.

This weblog is my space to ramble on in bursts longer than 140 characters. The opinions are my own. If you’d like to follow along, you can subscribe to one or more of several feeds. Or just click the links below, that works too. So does searching.

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That thing where you post funny/cute/inspiring footage from your video surveillance doorbell is still creepy as all [expletive deleted] and possibly illegal.
OH: “We have guard rails to prevent you from DDoSing your wallet by accident.”
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Misty Vegas evening. All that's missing, really, is the Bellagio fountains going off.

Recent posts

Spaceship Exim, 02 Dec 2019
In MacOS, Shell

Detecting unsent email.

A more literate version of “t”, 29 Nov 2019 (updated 30 Nov 2019)
In Python, Org mode

My second attempt to use org-mode and tangle: much improved!

Literate programming version of “t”, 29 Nov 2019
In Python, Org mode

My first attempt to use org-mode and tangle was not the overwhelming success that I had hoped for.

Invalid base URIs, 29 Nov 2019
In XML, XProc, XML Calabash

When is an invalid base URI not an invalid base URI?

Thanksgiving Day hike, 29 Nov 2019
In Activities, Exercise, Thanksgiving

Autumnal color is my only excuse.

Prettier feed, 28 Nov 2019
In Self Reference

If you follow this weblog with a feed reader, I think I’ve improved the formatting of the full text feed.

SOLVED!, 26 Nov 2019
In Self Reference, Internet, RaspberryPi

The networking problem has been identified. Thank you, @_james_fuller!

Continuing network frustration, 26 Nov 2019
In Self Reference, Internet, RaspberryPi

It still doesn’t work, and it’s worse than I thought. Help!?

Automatic tweets, 26 Nov 2019
In SocialNetworks, Twitter, Self Reference

The future will be tweeted. In particular, posts I write on my weblog will be.

Home Automation, 25 Nov 2019
In RaspberryPi, Home Automation

Playing with connected devices.

XML Unicode update, 25 Nov 2019
In Emacs, XML

Some small improvements to my Emacs package for entering Unicode characters in Emacs.

Fifty bucks, 17 Nov 2019 (updated 22 Nov 2019)
In SocialNetworks, Twitter, The Web

Win fifty bucks for your favorite charity.

Use a function, Luke, 05 Nov 2019
In Emacs, Org mode

Sometimes I’m reminded how nice Emacs lisp is, mosty because it’s lisp.

DocBook schemas and books, 01 Nov 2019
In DocBook

DocBook: The Definitive Guide and its derivatives have been updated.

Polynote in Docker, 26 Oct 2019 (updated 27 Oct 2019)
In Scala, Docker

My quick hack to get polynote running in docker.

Not watering the plants again, 23 Oct 2019
In RaspberryPi

More notes about watering the plants with a Raspberry Pi.

Automation, 21 Oct 2019
In Activities, Interests, Photography, Self Reference, Amazon Web Services, Lambda

Making it quicker and easier to post photos.

Following the oxbow, 13 Oct 2019
In Activities, Exercise

This time, I did follow the Barton Creek trail around the oxbow.

Sort of a loop, 10 Oct 2019
In Activities, Exercise

I thought of another loop to walk.

That’s Ace, 10 Oct 2019
In Self Reference, JavaScript

Switching from SimpleMDE to Ace was straightforward. Eventually.

Another walk, 06 Oct 2019
In Activities, Exercise

Going for another walk.

The long way ’round, 06 Oct 2019
In Activities, Exercise

Going for a walk.

Syntax highlighting with Pygments (Again!), 29 Sep 2019
In Python, Conferences, XML Summer School, DocBook, CSS

I’m trying to learn how to use CSS for paged media. It was all mostly fine until I decided I wanted syntax highlighting.

DocBook “by hand”, 14 Sep 2019
In XML, DocBook

The easy way to publish DocBook documents “by hand”.

🤦, 14 Sep 2019
In XML, DocBook, XML Resolver

A couple of tweaks to my recent updates for the DocBook XSLT 2.0 Stylesheets and the XML Resolver.

XML Resolver, 14 Sep 2019
In XML, XML Resolver

A new release of my XML Resolver is available. It fixes a couple of caching bugs.

DocBook XSLT 2.0 Stylesheets, 13 Sep 2019
In XSLT, DocBook

A new release of the DocBook XSLT 2.0 Stylesheets is available. The primary motivation was to improve Saxon 9.9 support.

Know when to give up, 01 Sep 2019
In Activities, Interests, Programming, JAFPL

Sometimes it’s quicker (and probably necessary) to start over.

Markup ephemera, 08 Jun 2019
In MarkupUK, SGML, XML

Arbortext Adept, Panorama, Balise, Microsoft SGML Author, DynaText, OminMark, etc.

Networking bafflement, 27 Apr 2019
In Internet, RaspberryPi

When I said I was having a weird networking issue, I didn’t know the half of it.

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