25 Feb 2020

So. I’m starting over.

This weblog is my space to ramble on in bursts longer than 140 characters. The opinions are my own. If you’d like to follow along, you can subscribe to one or more of several feeds. Or just click the links below, that works too. So does searching.

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Hurdle. Of sorts. #mbfeb
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Double norm. I’m not generally enthusiastic about pictures of myself, but I’ve been walking by these convex mirrors all week, so it seemed appropriate for the prompt. #mbfeb
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Swansea Bus Station. #mbfeb

Recent posts

XProc 3.0: Ready or Not, 18 Feb 2020
In Conferences, XML Prague, XProc

My presentation from XML Prague about XProc 3.0.

Photoblogging Challenge, 01 Feb 2020
In Activities, Interests, Photography, Org mode

Gearing up for the 2020 February photoblogging challenge! With Emacs and Org-mode, of course!

Adaptive fill mode, 31 Jan 2020
In Emacs, Org mode

To fill or not to fill, that is the question. Well. No. It’s to fill or unfill, really. Which is just…oh, nevermind.

Not fresh flowers, 28 Jan 2020
In Weddings

Wedding review: making it all with a Cricut.

National Waterfront Museum, 25 Jan 2020
In Weddings

Wedding review: the venue.

Converting nnml to Maildir, 25 Jan 2020
In Emacs, Internet

Converting “nnml” formatted messages to Maildir formatted messages. Crudely.

Wedding reviews, 21 Jan 2020 (updated 25 Jan 2020)
In Weddings

The good and the…better, because everything was pretty much awesome.

Llangefni pub signs, 20 Jan 2020
In Activities, Interests, Photography, Pub signs

It’s been a long time since I photographed some new pub signs.

Org to XML, 20 Jan 2020
In Emacs, Org mode

Of course I want XML out! I always want XML out.

Disable Turbo Boost, 20 Jan 2020
In MacBook Pro

Relax. Slow down. Take a breath. You don’t have to work so hard all the time.

Emacs “Global Face Scaling”, 08 Jan 2020
In Emacs

An Emacs customization to scale all of the faces at the same time.

Customizing org-mode LaTeX output, 05 Jan 2020 (updated 06 Jan 2020)
In Emacs, Org mode

A summary of some Emacs customizations to make org-mode PDF output a little nicer.

On notes, 01 Jan 2020
In Emacs, Org mode, Meetings

Better meetings achieved. Maybe. Better recorded meetings, definitely.

AWS re:Invent 2019, 23 Dec 2019
In Activities, Interests, Photography, AWS re:Invent

No attempt will be made to summarize the event, but I will post a few more photos.

XProc 3.0 “last call”, 21 Dec 2019
In XProc

The XProc editorial team has published a second last call draft of the language specification.

Another new laptop, 14 Dec 2019
In MacBook Pro

Yeah, really. And, no, this isn’t a post I wanted to write.

XML Resolver, 14 Dec 2019
In XML, XML Resolver

Another release of my XML Resolver is available.

Spaceship Exim, 02 Dec 2019
In MacOS, Shell

Detecting unsent email.

A more literate version of “t”, 29 Nov 2019 (updated 30 Nov 2019)
In Python, Org mode

My second attempt to use org-mode and tangle: much improved!

Literate programming version of “t”, 29 Nov 2019
In Python, Org mode

My first attempt to use org-mode and tangle was not the overwhelming success that I had hoped for.

Invalid base URIs, 29 Nov 2019
In XML, XProc, XML Calabash

When is an invalid base URI not an invalid base URI?

Thanksgiving Day hike, 29 Nov 2019
In Activities, Exercise, Thanksgiving

Autumnal color is my only excuse.

Prettier feed, 28 Nov 2019
In Self Reference

If you follow this weblog with a feed reader, I think I’ve improved the formatting of the full text feed.

SOLVED!, 26 Nov 2019
In Self Reference, Internet, RaspberryPi

The networking problem has been identified. Thank you, @_james_fuller!

Continuing network frustration, 26 Nov 2019
In Self Reference, Internet, RaspberryPi

It still doesn’t work, and it’s worse than I thought. Help!?

Automatic tweets, 26 Nov 2019
In SocialNetworks, Twitter, Self Reference

The future will be tweeted. In particular, posts I write on my weblog will be.

Home Automation, 25 Nov 2019
In RaspberryPi, Home Automation

Playing with connected devices.

XML Unicode update, 25 Nov 2019
In Emacs, XML

Some small improvements to my Emacs package for entering Unicode characters in Emacs.

Fifty bucks, 17 Nov 2019 (updated 22 Nov 2019)
In SocialNetworks, Twitter, The Web

Win fifty bucks for your favorite charity.

Use a function, Luke, 05 Nov 2019
In Emacs, Org mode

Sometimes I’m reminded how nice Emacs lisp is, mosty because it’s lisp.

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