23 Nov 2020

So. I’m starting over.

This weblog is my space to ramble on in bursts longer than 140 characters. The opinions are my own. If you’d like to follow along, you can subscribe to one or more of several feeds. Or just click the links below, that works too. So does searching.

Recent microblogs

I almost always “dry run” commands that can delete files. E.g., ‘rsync -n --delete -var /path1/src/ /path2/target/’. But since it’s Monday and I was in a hurry, I ran ‘rsync --delete -var /path1/src/ /path2/’ without doing a dry run first. Much pain followed. #sigh #backups
It’s going to be over in seconds and this train of thought is getting me nowhere. #mbnov

Recent posts

Uploading applications, 03 Nov 2020
In The Web

Every new project begins with writing tooling for the new project. Today’s diversion, a Gradle task to upload a web application. [Updated.]

Please pardon the dust, 31 Oct 2020
In Self Reference

Over the next few days and weeks, I’ll be doing some remodeling.

Encryption at Rest?, 26 Oct 2020
In Self Reference, Linux

Rolling my own security solution, in other words: doing it wrong.

Dash docsets on other platforms, 22 Oct 2020
In Linux, MacOS, Windows, XML

A recent discussion on the slack channel made me aware of Zeal, a cross-platform viewer for Dash docksets.

On Fibonacci and tail recursion (and XSLT), 09 Oct 2020

A few observations about tail recursion and xsl:iterate in XSLT 3.0.

Saxon Chronicles, 02 Oct 2020
In Saxonica, Saxon

Announcing a new weblog.

OCRing financial statements, 22 Sep 2020

Sometimes (always, AFAICT) OCRing a PDF is the most reliable way to get transaction details out of financial institutions.

Catalog resolver migration, 07 Aug 2020
In XML Resolver

Migrating your application from the Apache Commons catalog resolver to XML Resolver.

DocBook themes, 03 Aug 2020
In DocBook

Adding support for dark mode as an aid to accessibility.

DocBook XSL: The Next Generation, 25 Jul 2020
In Conferences, Balisage, XML, XSLT, DocBook

A new implementation of transformations for DocBook in XSLT 3.0

An XInclude API for Saxon, 09 Jul 2020
In Conferences, Balisage, XML, DocBook

An XInclude processor for Saxon, including an extension function that can be called from XSLT stylesheets (and XQuery? I haven’t tried).

Dynamic profiles, 08 Jul 2020
In DocBook

Composing documents based on run time parameter values.

What font is that in?, 07 Jul 2020
In Conferences, Balisage, DocBook

Missing glyph U+2BC3, you say? Ok. Where is it?

Documents that format themselves, 05 Jul 2020

The xsl:evaluate instruction is interesting.

Five Interesting Things, 29 Jun 2020
In Conferences, Balisage, DocBook

A screencast teaser for my Balisage paper and a new project.

Documentation improves code, 20 Jun 2020
In Activities, Interests, Programming, Conferences, Balisage

It is an underappreciated fact that writing documentation improves your code.

XSLT Explorer, 03 Jun 2020

Better understanding through static analysis. Not deep, serious static analysis, but a bit of XSLT on XSLT static analysis.

Unicode and Emoji, 28 May 2020
In Unicode, Emoji

This morning, I tweeted about Unicode and emoji. Here’s a little back story and a few things I learned along the way.

DocBook Documentation, 27 Apr 2020
In DocBook

Not documentation in DocBook, documentation about DocBook. Well, actually Documentation about DocBook in DocBook, but it’s the “about” part that’s most relevant.

“Chunking” DocBook, 27 Apr 2020
In XML, XSLT, DocBook

Breaking large DocBook documents into pages for the web is just a little non-trivial. I’ve rewritten how it works in the DocBook XSLT 2.0 Stylesheets.

Dash docset updates, 18 Apr 2020
In Emacs, MacOS, XML

Updates and additions to the Dash docsets I mentioned recently.

Creating Dash docsets, 12 Apr 2020

Making a collection of XML specifications available for the “Dash” documentation browser.

XML Calabash 1.2.1 for Saxon 10.0, 06 Apr 2020
In XML Calabash

A first attempt at Saxon 10.0 support.

Update all the things!, 29 Mar 2020
In Gradle, XML Calabash

Right then. In for a penny, in for a pound. I’ve upgraded all of the XML Calabash 1.x extensions. (And XML Calabash 1.x, come to think of it.)

DocBook XSLT 2.0 updates, 26 Mar 2020
In Gradle, DocBook

Different repo, same Gradle update.

XML Calabash updates, 24 Mar 2020 (updated 26 Mar 2020)
In Gradle, XML Calabash

Slow but steady, and a Gradle update.

Shuffled Ink, 08 Mar 2020
In Weddings

Wedding review: Shuffled Ink playing cards.

Docker explorer, 05 Mar 2020
In Organizations, MarkLogic, Emacs, Docker

A small hack combining Emacs, docker, and MarkLogic log files.

O.M.G., 04 Mar 2020
In EMail

The spam! It burns!

Wedding photography, 03 Mar 2020
In Weddings

Wedding review: Liga Stevenson Photography

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