26 Nov 2022

So. I’m starting over.

This weblog is my space to ramble on in bursts longer than 140 characters. The opinions are my own. If you’d like to follow along, you can subscribe to one or more of several feeds. Or just click the links below, that works too. So does searching.


We plan to make beef stew for dinner, but I forgot to get some nice crusty bread to go with it. Too cold and wet out there to go back out again, so I baked some!


Herb garden and a cactus. To be fair, also a motion sensor and not really a cactus. But this is only a test post anyway.

Recent posts

Jokes 22 Oct 2022
In Humor

A lot of humor depends on the right delivery. Is it sometimes prose?

Running a webserver 02 Oct 2022
In Docker

Not a public one, a local one for testing and development.

Publishing from pull requests 18 Sep 2022
In DevOps

Tell me your secrets. You trust me, don’t you?

Record-oriented iXML parsing 04 Sep 2022
In InvisibleXML, XML

Sometimes it’s easier to solve a problem if you break it up into smaller problems.

The ugly, the ugly, and the ugly 07 Aug 2022
In XMLCalabash

Implementing XProc on top of Saxon 11.x and later is…not pretty.

Printing with CSS 25 Jul 2022
In DocBook, XML

I’ve tried to improve the CSS print output from the DocBook xslTNG stylesheets. Getting the final PDFs with open-source tools is still a challenge.

Pub signs, July 2022 09 Jul 2022 (updated 10 Jul 2022)
In PubSigns

London pub signs, summer 2022 edition.

Releases for everyone! 02 Jul 2022
In DocBook, InvisibleXML, XML, XMLPrague, XProc

You get a release! You get a release! You get a release! Everyone gets a release!

CoffeePot 1.99.0 09 Jun 2022
In InvisibleXML, XML

A test release of my command line Invisible XML implementation.

DocBook xslTNG 1.7.0-xx released 09 Apr 2022
In DocBook, XSLT

New DocBook xslTNG stylesheet release(s).

(Invisible) XML and names 09 Apr 2022
In InvisibleXML, XML

Names and the characters they contain.

Announcing NineML 29 Mar 2022
In InvisibleXML, NineML, XML

A suite of tools for working with Invisible XML.

XML Calabash 2.99.11 12 Dec 2021
In XMLCalabash

XML Calabash passes a hair over 96% of the test suite and, for the first time ever, has fewer than 100 failing tests.

ixml with PEP? 05 Nov 2021

Inspired by the discussions of ixml at Declarative Amsterdam, I did a little tinkering.

My first real XProc 3.0 pipeline 25 Oct 2021
In XMLCalabash, XMLCalabash, XProc

It is a funny irony that a language implementor does not necessarily write the most interesting examples of the language they’re implementing.

XML Calabash 3.0 Milestone 07 Oct 2021
In XMLCalabash

XML Calabash passes more than 90% of the test suite.

Home Assistant 19 Sep 2021
In HomeAutomation

A brief suvey of my HA setup and a few automations.

Ding dong! 08 Sep 2021 (updated 15 Sep 2021)
In HomeAutomation, RaspberryPi

“There’s Klingons on the starboard bow, starboard bow, starboard bow; There’s Klingons on the starboard bow, starboard bow, Jim!”

Break my code! 01 Sep 2021
In DotNet, XML, XMLResolver

You are cordially invited to try out the C# release of XML Resolver. It seems to work and I’m not aware of any serious bugs, but in terms of expectation setting, bear in mind that it’s version 0.1.0!

XML Unicode 1.25 29 Aug 2021
In Emacs, XML

I’ve updated my Emacs package for inserting arbitrary Unicode characters.

XML Resolver 3.1.0 released 27 Aug 2021
In XML, XMLResolver

I’ve pushed a 3.1.0 release of the XML Resolver.

Making it up as I go along 24 Aug 2021
In DotNet

URIs for files inside ZIP archives on .NET. I think.

ZIP files as XML Catalogs 12 Aug 2021
In XML, XMLResolver

Schemas and other resources are often distributed in ZIP files. Now you can just point the resolver at them.

Balisage 2021 ICS Calendar 31 Jul 2021
In Balisage

Balisage starts today! Here’s an ICS file for the sessions and a few notes about how it was created.

Extending for interoperability? 28 Jul 2021
In DotNet, XML, XMLResolver

Considering support for ZIP files on the catalog path in the XML Resolver.

GetEntity 23 Jul 2021
In DotNet

The .NET System.Xml.XmlResolver API’s GetEntity method returns the resolved entity as an unadorned Stream. That is an unfortunate design choice.

Improving parallelism 23 Jul 2021
In XProc

Exploring the trade-offs between user expectations and performance in XProc pipelines.

System.Xml.XmlResolver 06 Jul 2021
In DotNet

This .NET API is fundamentally broken. If anyone reading this thinks it might be possible to persuade someone to fix it, I’d be happy to help.

Java configurations 05 Jul 2021
In Java, Python

A tool for managing the configurations (dependencies and the classpath, system properties, etc.) of Java applications.

XML Resolver 3.0.1 released 04 Jul 2021
In XML, XMLResolver

I’ve pushed a 3.0.1 release of the XML Resolver.

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