30 Jan 2023

So. I’m starting over.

This weblog is my space to ramble on in bursts longer than 140 characters. The opinions are my own. If you’d like to follow along, you can subscribe to one or more of several feeds. Or just click the links below, that works too. So does searching.


I completely rearranged my office on Sunday. It meant moving the wall unit where the networking electronics had been piled up. I have bigger renovation plans, but I've mounted them on the wall for now. (“‘For now’, that's like a decade, right?” I hear you there in the back.) The only obvious drawback to the new setup is that the wall unit is now behind me and it's a chaotic, jumbled mess of a background for video conferencing. Virtual background of Swansea bay to the rescue!


The results of today's efforts. I'm confident they'll be entirely nommable, even if I still haven't sorted out how to get them into a more traditional size and shape


Enjoying this morning's crumpets before I started working on the sourdough starter for tomorrow.

Recent posts

In NodeJS, Python, TIL

TIL: The NodeJS express framework changes the login session cookie on redirect so, if you aren’t careful, Python will not successfully manage the state.

In DocBook, XML

Mapping from references in source XML to media locations on disk, and then generating HTML with the correct references to media on a web server is…a little tricky.

Multi-Link 17 Jan 2023
In HTML, JavaScript

A browser implementation of one-to-many links as a web component.

In Docker, Mastodon, Python, SelfReference

A few random notes and observations about how this weblog toots.

In Mastodon, SelfReference

Using metadata to make linking prettier.

Saxon 12.0 13 Jan 2023
In DevOps, Saxon, Saxonica

How do I release thee? Let me count the ways.


TIL: The YAML specification is more, uh, interesting than I realized.

jp 11 Jan 2023

TIL: jp has a simpler query syntax than jq.


TIL: Be careful with text value templates in mixed content.

In Mastodon, SelfReference, Twitter

Removing a bit of bird site detritus, automating toots, fixing bugs.

In GitHub, GitHubActions, TIL

TIL: How to setup the configuration of a GitHub actions workflow so that steps can refer to values computed during the action.

Making ICNS files 05 Jan 2023
In Apple, ImageMagick, MacOS, TIL

TIL: how to construct an ICNS file from a bunch of PNGs on MacOS.

Today I learned… 05 Jan 2023
In OrgRoam, TIL

Short (usually) tech-related posts.

In DocBook, DocBook, XML, XSLT

An experimental release of the DocBook xslTNG Stylesheets version 2.0.0 is now available. Experience reports of all sorts most eagerly solicited.

In DocBook, DocBook, XML, XSLT

Will I be done by Christmas? No. By boxing day? Also no. New Year’s Day? Maybe.

In Markdown, XSLT

No, not that way. The easy way.

Notarize this! 21 Dec 2022
In Apple, DotNet, Saxonica

The laborious process of getting a .NET app signed, packaged, and notarized by Apple.

Frosty broads 12 Dec 2022
In Photography

It’s been a (long) while since I did a photo post.

Toot toot! 09 Dec 2022
In Mastodon, SelfReference, XML

I’m migrating away from the fowl site and participating more in the fediverse. It’s a nice place, you should join.

Jokes 22 Oct 2022
In Humor

A lot of humor depends on the right delivery. Is it sometimes prose?

In Docker

Not a public one, a local one for testing and development.

In DevOps

Tell me your secrets. You trust me, don’t you?

In InvisibleXML, XML

Sometimes it’s easier to solve a problem if you break it up into smaller problems.

In XMLCalabash

Implementing XProc on top of Saxon 11.x and later is…not pretty.

Printing with CSS 25 Jul 2022
In DocBook, XML

I’ve tried to improve the CSS print output from the DocBook xslTNG stylesheets. Getting the final PDFs with open-source tools is still a challenge.

Pub signs, July 2022 09 Jul 2022 (updated 10 Jul 2022)
In PubSigns

London pub signs, summer 2022 edition.

In DocBook, InvisibleXML, XML, XMLPrague, XProc

You get a release! You get a release! You get a release! Everyone gets a release!

CoffeePot 1.99.0 09 Jun 2022
In InvisibleXML, XML

A test release of my command line Invisible XML implementation.

In DocBook, XSLT

New DocBook xslTNG stylesheet release(s).

In InvisibleXML, XML

Names and the characters they contain.


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