26 Nov 2022

About the author.

This is the “Starting Over” weblog. It is written by me, Norman Walsh. That’s my mug over there on the right.

The best way to contact me is via email. You can find my email address, PGP key, and other relevant details on my “bio” page at

You can also find me on Twitter, Mastadon (sometimes), GitHub, LinkedIn, and very, very infrequently on Facebook. To be honest, probably other places that I’ve forgotten at the moment.

Affiliations · The opinions expressed here are my own, usually nobody sees them before they’re published, and neither my employer nor any other party necessarily agrees with them. I even reserve the right to disagree with myself.

That said, it’s only fair that readers know who’s paying the person who’s writing what they’re reading.

I am currently an employee of Saxonica Ltd where I’m an senior software developer. I work out of my home in Swansea, Wales. Previously, I was employed by MarkLogic Corporation, Sun Microsystems, Arbortext, and O’Reilly Media (then O’Reilly & Associates).

Privacy and security · Starting Over is available over HTTPS. If you connect with http://, you’ll be automatically redirected to https://, so I think that counts as reasonably secure.

I don’t run any analytics software and no attempt is made to track you with cookies or any other technology. I rarely look at the logs, but they do contain some information about you. (That document is about Apache logs; the logs I get are from MarkLogic, but they’re roughly comparable.)

The itinerary pages attempt to determine what country you’re coming from by looking up your IP address. This information is only used to select celsius or fahrenheit in the display of weather information. It isn’t stored or saved (except in as much as your IP address will appear in the logs).

If you want to communicate with me privately, grab my PGP public key via the link above. No need to do anything special, just encrypt your message and send me the GPG output.

  • Though, to be fair, I cribbed a good chunk of this page from Tim Bray’s author page.