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Volume 1, Issue 9; 05 May 2017

It was a 1.0 software release. I knew something wasn't going to work. It was comments.

And folks, let's be honest. Sturgeon was an optimist. Way more than 90% of code is crap.


I don't know if anyone reading this posting tried to submit a comment in the past couple of days. If you did, it didn't work. You got a screenfull of error message to prove it.

I've fixed that now.

It was interesting. Comments cut across several design aspects.

  1. Unmoderated comments are only visible to users with the editor privilege. In practice, me, but only when I'm logged in.
  2. Pages are cached, but if my view includes unmoderated comments, that view shouldn't be cached.
  3. The cache has to be invalidated whenever a comment is added, approved, or rejected.

There’s an extra bit of complexity in that the the actual “insert comment” function has to run with escalated privileges or it wouldn't actually be able to add anything to the database.

In the end, I rearranged the privileges a little bit and changed things so that the “editor” never sees cached pages, nor are they ever cached.

Which is probably more than you wanted to know about the “submit comment” button.