Still digging

Volume 2, Issue 1; 02 Jan 2018

Escaping from walled gardens will require investing time and energy in cultivating gardens of our own. I’m still doing a little digging.

I’ve decided to start 2018 (Happy New Year, btw), by trying to focus a little bit on getting back to an open(er) web. I’ve added the ability to author “microblog” post on my weblog and I’ve connected those up to I also setup Twitter syndication.

Ideally, I’d like to get away from Twitter. For the moment, syndicating posts there is an experimental step in that direction. I’m likely to continue reading Twitter at least in the short and medium term, and I don’t yet know what the analogs to following, retweeting, etc. are in a less centralized world.

I’ve reconnected with Mastadon where I’m ndw on Mastadon and also ndw on on Octadon. I think that’s an “oops” but I haven’t worked out how or if I should fix it.

I’ve also reconnected with Feedly and started trying to curate a list of interesting feeds.

Time will tell.