Fit for a Maharaja

Volume 2, Issue 6; 04 Feb 2018

A short post about an annual charity event, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner is an annual charity event for Project Transitions. The way it works is, if you like to cook and entertain, you can volunteer to host a dinner for up to 16 people. If you just like to eat, you can donate directly to Project Transitions and sign up for one of the hosted meals. Each host provides a title for their entry and the menu they plan to serve, so you can tell what you’re getting into!

My best friends, Paul & Paula (yes, really), have been doing it for years.

Paul & Paula

I’ve helped out before but the reason this one gets a weblog posting is mostly so that I can make sure that another set of friends, Gaurav and Pallavi, also get to see the pictures. More on why that’s important in a moment. (My first thought was to post them on Facebook, but no.)

The theme that P&P chose this year was Indian, in part because they’re excited about an upcoming trip to India and in part because Paula is a damned fine Indian cook! The menu was divine: If you want to read the menu without a magnifying glass, click the image to get to the photo page then click it again on the photo page to enlarge it.

A Feast Fit for a Maharaja

The title they chose was A Dinner fit for a Maharaja. And here’s where we come back to the important bit. See, about a year ago, I had the pleasure and privilege of attending Gaurav and Pallavi’s wedding in India.

As I had no idea what was appropriate attire for an Indian wedding, Gaurav very graciously made time to take me to shopping and pick out clothes for me to wear. Consequently, I have some absolutely gorgeous outfits that I don’t really have much occasion to wear in this country!

No prizes for guessing who (no pun intended) got cast in the part of the Maharaja! This picture gives me a newfound appreciation for just how much of a giant I must have appeared to be in India! Paul is not short, I just look freakishly tall!

Norm & Paul

Setting up for one of these shindigs is a multi-day prep and clean and cook marathon.

Making Samosas
Samosas in the pot
A Dinner fit for a Maharaja

I almost never take pictures of the people who come (and even when I do, I don’t often publish them on the web), but I’m appalled FYI: there are a couple more pictures on my photo site. to discover that apparently I failed to take pictures of any of the buffet spread! You’ll have to take my word for it, it was superb. (And I have leftovers!)

We ended up being about a dozen or so. Lovely people, good wine, good conversation, great food. I hope everyone had as much fun as we did and I hope it was a big success overall for Project Transitions.