Adventures in Ubuntu

Volume 2, Issue 11; 27 Apr 2018

So far, Ubuntu 18.04 is a fail on my laptop.

I’ve been eagerly anticipating Ubuntu 18.04. I’m still running 17.04 which is well beyond EOL. I tried 17.10 but something didn’t work and I eventually blamed Wayland and at that point 18.04 was only a few months away and I thought I’d just wait it out.

I do OS upgrades by having two sets of hard drives (“sets” because there are two hard drives in my laptop). I backup the current, working set. Swap them out. Install the OS on the “new” set I never upgrade an OS. I always install from scratch. Don’t judge me, I have scars. and, if all goes well, restore things. If, ahem, all doesn’t go well, I just swap the working set back in: no harm, no foul.

Which is where I am now. I chose what I hoped would be a fairly vanilla path through the installer: a normal install (not minimal), encrypted hard drive, install updates during install. I carefully remembered to update the boot command each time to add the nox2apic flag because running Linux on a laptop is never going to be straightforward.

The install appears to end happily, but the system fails to boot:

Failed to connect to lvmetad

If you don’t want to squint at that slightly fuzzy picture, what it says is

WARNING: Failed to connect to lvmetad. Falling back to device scanning.
Reading all physical volumes. This may take a while...

Eventually it crashes out and gives me an initramfs shell. It appears to be some problem with initializing the crypto subsystem for the drives. I’m used to seeing a warning message from the LVM system before the hard drive passphrase prompt, but this one just repeats and repeats until it gives up.

I’m stumped for the moment. Web searching hasn’t been terribly fruitful. The answer might be in here but I haven’t fought my way all the way through all that yet.

Frankly, I’m hoping this problem isn’t just me and it gets fixed. I suppose I should report it as a bug.