Ubuntu denouement

Volume 2, Issue 14; 14 May 2018

TL;DR: it works now, for no specifically identifiable reason..

In the short interlude between trips, I turned my attention back to updating Ubuntu on my laptop. Fighting off a nasty cold, I dug back into 18.04 last night.

I started by trying to assure myself that I could live with the limitations of the Nouveau drivers. I couldn’t. They just consistently didn’t handle multiple monitors successfully. I figured I could maybe live with only a single external monitor, but I’m not prepared to go back to just the laptop LCD.

This is definitely rock/hard place territory. I can’t afford to run an out-of-date OS indefinitely and I’m not really prepared to replace my entire laptop in a couple of days between two trips.

Running software update revealed that the Nvidia drivers had changed. Not quite remembering the details from a week ago, I started poking around at various discussions of how to install them.

For whatever reason, the “390” drivers seem to work fine now. I got a glitch once, but only once so far. There’s an unrelated issue with my Epson scanner. None of the proposed solutions worked for me, but I can manage for a bit.

Emacs and email (Exim and DavMail) and VirtualBox and Docker and Chrome and Firefox and Java and, well, all the things I’ve remembered to try are working fine. Mostly, I think I’ve got everything sorted. I should probably still carry the backup drive with me for this trip though.

And I’m absolutely bound to discover some missing dependency everytime I’m offline.

Not a very satisfying resolution, really, but I’ll take what I can get, I guess.