Webmention implemented

Volume 2, Issue 23; 25 Aug 2018

This weblog now supports “webmention”. At least I think it does. Bugs and errors of interpretation and implementation excepted, of course.

Turns out, I’m really bad at letting things go. As I mentioned the other day, I started playing with Webmention (for the reasons I outlined) and got most of it working before I stumbled over the moderation problem.

After my initial fit of pique subsided, I gave it some more thought and reached many of the same conclusions as Patrick. Plus I realized that a small refactoring, that I probably needed to do anyway, would make moderation tractable.

So that’s what I did this morning. Well, yesterday morning actually. Publication was delayed by a surprisingly subtle bug. To better support webmention, I restructed these pages to support at least some of h-card. [“Meh.”] That introduced an extra level of “div” in the pages and that broke the taxonomy and a few other things. Because reasons. I did read the spec, but a lot of what I implemented was drawn from the description in Aaron Parecki’s posting: Sending your First Webmention from Scratch. (Which I mention because it’s true, but also because it should make this posting appear as a webmention on his site.)

The whole thing is still less than 1,000 lines of XQuery.

Feel free to “mention me” and please do report if you see anything that looks odd or broken. (More odd or broken than usual, that is.)