Jing/Trang on Maven Central

Volume 2, Issue 28; 06 Dec 2018

The Jing and Trang libraries are now available through Maven Central.

It has puzzled me occasionally over the past few years that the Jing and Trang libraries for RELAX NG were not available on Maven Central. I was reminded of this again recently when I added support for xs:untypedAtomic and xs:anyAtomicType to the XSD datatypes. (This was motivated, in turn, by the need for xs:untypedAtomic in the XProc 3.0 specification.)

Michael Smith, who’s currently maintaining the repository, was game to publish it on Maven Central. I suggested it should be published under org.relaxng and he agreed. Next, in order to do this, we had to prove that we had the permission of the owners of

James Clark, who owns the domain, agreed to help us out and proposed moving the site to a new host. I followed that up by moving the site to a repository on GitHub.

With the new repository online, a few DNS changes by James, and some helpful shepharding by Mike, it’s now all sorted.

Bonus feature: the domain is now hosted with SSL.

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