The keyboard story

Volume 3, Issue 11; 24 Mar 2019

I never liked it. It was definitely broken. The repair was lightning fast. Meh. I’m used to it, I guess.

I never liked the keyboard on my new MacBook Pro. And after a short while, it started to exhibit a nasty habit of repeating keys. Randomly, and infrequently, but persistently, pressing a key once would act as though it had been pressed twice. Yoou’d gett thiingss like tthis.

In terms of “things that can be wrong with your keyboard”, that ranks right up near the top in terms of most annoying. I’d have to carefully watch each word, backing up to correct the errors when I saw them. It was downright stressful.

I dragged my feet on calling AppleCare. Partly, I was afraid they’d give me grief about it. I proved (to myself, conclusively) that it was a hardware issue, but it wasn’t obvious. Opening it up, using the keyboard for twenty minutes, and not seeing the problem wasn’t evidence that the problem didn’t exist. I wasn’t looking forward to dealing with that. And partly, it was the fact that I’d have to function without my laptop. That’s a hassle.

The first time I got through to second-level support, they agreed to do a swap. But they’d have to mail the new unit back to me and that might take two weeks. The timing was bad, I said I’d need a couple of weeks to prepare. When I called back, second level support said they’d changed their minds (“engineering doesn’t need to see it.”) and I’d have to take it to the Apple store and go through that channel.

(Queue the feelings of dread associated with having to prove this to some tech in the Apple store.)

I finally took it in on Wednesday. The tech nodded, wrote down “customer demonstrated in the store” on his little tablet, and said they’d send it off for a keyboard swap. “It might be back by Saturday.” (Given my planned departure to California on Sunday, I figured I’d be without it for a week.)

It came back on Friday, with a new keyboard (and trackpad and battery because apparently they’re all welded together). I can’t really complain about the service.

Aside from an extraordinarily weird email configuration issue, the reinstall and reconfigure process went smoothly. I’m typing on the new keyboard today and there haven’t been any repeating keys. Hopefully, the problem is completely resolved.

Am I ever going to love this keyboard? No. Do I think that sacrificing ergonomics on the altar of “thinner is the most important thing” is a good design choice? No. Have I gotten used to it? Yeah.

It’s fine. I guess.