Following the oxbow

Volume 3, Issue 26; 13 Oct 2019

This time, I did follow the Barton Creek trail around the oxbow.

Still in pursuit of some regular exercise, I decided to go back around the Barton Creek Greenbelt, this time following the obvious trail that goes around the oxbow.

It’s not always completely obvious where the trail leads. There are a couple of detours along the stream bed and through the brush in that loop, but it was mostly obvious.


Over, under, or through?

I saw a lovely, big snake along the way. I failed to get a picture, but I’m reasonably confident it was a harmless water snake.

Later, I encountered a family that had brought their kitten out on a leash while they were doing some rock climbing. Makes a change from all the dogs. It looked like it was having a ball.

The big spider was still hanging out by the side of the road. This time, I snuck around to the other side for a better picture.

Still a big spider

As before, just a fraction over six miles.