Not watering the plants again

Volume 3, Issue 28; 23 Oct 2019

More notes about watering the plants with a Raspberry Pi.

It turns out, my intuitions about fluid dynamics are pretty inaccurate. When my first attempt was unsuccessful, I commented that I had a different approach in mind for the next attempt.

That idea was to gravity feed the water from above. I figured I’d make a vessel and attach drainage lines for each pot. I could use a pump to fill that vessel and I could use the Pi to drive the pump. Last night I finally got around to building the contraption.


It seemed to work just fine. I poured a couple of cups of water into it and the water drained through the hoses.

Everything else went into place without a hitch. Trouble is, the pump fills the vessel only a little faster than it can drain out through one of the tubes. So that’s exactly what it does. I’m not sure if one of the tubes is slightly lower or if it’s just random which one breaks through the surface tension first.

Whatever the reason, it’s another bust.

My options at this point seem to be: give up, have one pump per plant, or maybe get a much bigger pump so I can rapidly fill the contraption. (That doesn’t sound like a recipe for disaster at all.)

Not sure what I’ll do. Well, I am sure I’ll ask Paul to water the plants for me again on this next trip!