AWS re:Invent 2019

Volume 3, Issue 47; 23 Dec 2019

No attempt will be made to summarize the event, but I will post a few more photos.

This was my first time at re:Invent. That’s a…remarkable conference: just me and 65,000 of my closest friends. I learned a lot and I got to talk to a bunch of interesting people, so I think it was a personal success, but it’s stupid big and crowded and I was totally over-peopled by lunch time most days.

I didn’t take a real camera, so all I have are snapshots from my phone. I posted some of them as I went. I’ve gathered them all up in a collection.

Lunch for 60,000

The scale is just hard to express. This picture isn’t really lunch for 60,000 as it’s only one of the several conference venues, but there are no mirrors involved, the tables really do just trail off into the distance.

Expo: it's full of people

I came back to the main venue just before the expo center opened for the first time because I had a technical session just a bit later. Thank goodness I’m tall is all I’m going to say. I experience crowds like this by mostly looking over them, I’m not sure I want to contemplate what it’s like if you’re lost in them.


I skipped most of the evening events (see previous comment about over peopling), but I did check out the “re:Play” party on Thursday evening. It was big. It was loud. It was a spectacle. It was free booze for tens of thousands. I left early.

Missle command?

I did absolutely enjoy the DJ and the laser light show. Huge shout out to the sound designers for managing to make the music so intense it was shaking my clothing (and my internal organs) but wasn’t painfully loud or deafening.

Protect me

On Friday afternoon, I walked down to the Banksy exhibitition at the mall. Amusing place for a Banksy exhibition, really.

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