Volume 4, Issue 15; 29 Feb 2020

My configuration files.

After I used Org-mode to give a recent presentation, several folks askedIf that’s why you’re here, you may want to focus on the poet-theme and Org-related sections and ignore the rest. to see my Emacs configuration. I’ve learned a lot from the configurations published by others, so I packaged it up and published it:

It goes without saying, but I’m saying it anyay, that this is a configuration that works for me. I’m not proposing that it should work for you exactly as you find it there. Steal the bits you like. Delete the bits you don’t like. There’s nothing precious about it. Make your configuration work for you!

A few notes:

  1. I’ve named the directory emacs.d (without the leading “.”) to make it a little less unusual in the repository. You should move or copy it to ~/.emacs.d if you want to try it out.
  2. The init.el and early-init.el files are actually generated by tangling the file. If you want to preserve the “literate programming” nature of the configuration, you should change and then use C-c C-v t to regenerate the Emacs lisp files.
  3. I use the straight package manager. If your system is configured with git and some facility (such as ssh-add) for caching credentials, the whole system should bootstrap itself entirely. Note, however, that it requires an internet connection and it takes a good long while the first time you start it!
  4. There are a few things here that aren’t exactly like my config. I’ve left out some bits that rely on private repositories, on configuration for my employer’s systems, and mu4e which requires additional configuration.
  5. I also changed the configuration of Org agenda files so that they don’t rely on ~/Dropbox. You will want to figure out how you prefer to organize your agenda files. (I put mine in Dropbox so that they’re accessible to beorg on my phone).
  6. I explore and experiment with Emacs packages all the time; there’s probably a whole bunch of stuff in there that I’ve used twice and never used again. That doesn’t worry me. It took a couple of decades before I got hooked on Org.

Questions, comments, etc. most welcome.