DocBook Documentation

Volume 4, Issue 28; 27 Apr 2020

Not documentation in DocBook, documentation about DocBook. Well, actually Documentation about DocBook in DocBook, but it’s the “about” part that’s most relevant.

Over the weekend, I did a bunch of work on DocBook 5.2: The Definitive Guide and related documents.

  • I attempted to improve the appearance of the pages (better navigation, better CSS; I toyed with the fonts and may have made things worse on that front).
  • I stubbed out reference pages for the new elements in version 5.2b08 (there are some that I do not understand and some that I think are incompletely designed).
  • I fixed a few small errors in the schemas.

While I was in the neighborhood, I rebuild versions for Publishers, Simplified DocBook, Slides and Website as well. I’m not sure about the current status of those schemas, I may have taken liberties.

Finally, I wanted to rebuild the DocBook 5.1 versions with the new navigation and styling. There was more bit rot in the 5.1 versions than I’d like to have imagined there was going to be, probably caused by carelessness on my part all those years ago.

I believe I successfully reconstructed the schemas and the docs, but it’s possible I’ve introduced errors.

Share and enjoy: Oh, and I made new Dash versions as well.