Saxon Chronicles

Volume 4, Issue 41; 02 Oct 2020

Announcing a new weblog.

I work at Saxonica now! I’m going to guess that a lot of you already knew that, but I realized when I started writing this posting that I hadn’t actually written about that. It’s absolutely fantastic. For a lot of reasons, Bethan and I have decided to take up residence in Wales instead of the United States. We’re sort of in the middle of that transition now and it’s all very stressful and chaotic, but finding out that Mike was interested in having me come on board and getting to work at Saxonica feels like a little island of calm in the storm. Ok, it’s an island of calm where there are about six thousand things to learn and do, but…

I’m enormously lucky to have a job that I love. Occasional frustrations aside, working on code, building applications, writing specifications, fixing bugs, and everything that comes along with a programming job are all fun activities for me.

Generally speaking, I’ve been happy to write about my experiences in my own voice, right on these here pages. I’ve written weblog postings for previous employers occasionally, but it’s always felt a little forced.

This time, though, there are only about a half dozen of us, all in, so it’s not like the marketing department is leaning on me to do it! This time, it feels like having a place where I’m clearly speaking “with my Saxonica hat on” is a good idea.

Plus which, Bethan came up with a great title and a fabulousIt’s a gorgeous, vector image that looks beautiful and clean in SVG. The ugly rendering artifacts you see if you zoom in on this raster are my fault. It’s complicated. But blame me. logo.

 Saxon Chronicles

So you’ll find my first posting online at the Saxonica blog. And immediately following it, my first posting about something actually interesting: getting Saxon PE and EE into a Maven repository.

I’m not going to stop writing here and I’m sure some of what I say here will be about Saxon and probably some of what I say there will be about other things. I’ll try to cross-link where it makes sense without being annoying about it.