Dash docsets on other platforms

Volume 4, Issue 43; 22 Oct 2020

A recent discussion on the slack channel made me aware of Zeal, a cross-platform viewer for Dash docksets.

As I remarked a few months ago, Dash, is very nice, but

It’s also Mac OS only so if that’s not your preferred platform, you’ve probably already started to lose interest in this post.

Today, a thread on the Slack made me aware of Zeal, a cross-platform viewer for Dash docsets. I fired it up on Linux and it seems to work. I assume the same is true on Windows.

If you’re browsing my docsets on a non-Mac platform, I’ve “unhidden” the dash-feed:// links. Those will work in Zeal as well. (No, I’m not a fan of hijacking the URI scheme for purposes like this but it seems to be common place.)

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