Break my code!

Volume 5, Issue 23; 01 Sep 2021

You are cordially invited to try out the C# release of XML Resolver. It seems to work and I’m not aware of any serious bugs, but in terms of expectation setting, bear in mind that it’s version 0.1.0!

I’ve struggled through a number of build and release issues, sorted out that it runs on Windows, and it still passes all the tests! Can you break it? (I mean, yeah, probably, but…)

  • I’ve published XmlResolver and the corresponding data assembly on NuGet. That should make them easy to use.
  • I’ve put together a very small sample application to demonstrate how to use the resolver with the System.Xml parser.
  • I’ve tested that the sample application works on Windows and MacOS.

Support for UNC paths hasn’t been tested yet, so if those are critical to your application, proceed with care. Mapping UNC paths to URIs looks, uh, interesting.

The documentation on is (mostly) correct, but I haven’t had a chance to make a C#-centric version of it. Where the Java version uses system properties, the C# version uses environment variables, that’s probably the most pervasive difference.

All that said, I’d love some reports from the field. If you’re inspired to add it to your project and kick the tires a bit, please let me know how it goes!