XML Calabash 3.0 Milestone

Volume 5, Issue 26; 07 Oct 2021

XML Calabash passes more than 90% of the test suite.

I get periodic quetions about when XML Calabash will support XProc 3.0. The goal I set for myself was to get to the point where I passed more than 90% of the test suite before I started trying to manage “beta” releases.

I had hoped to reach this point long ago, but in my defense, if I felt I needed one, over the past year and a bit, I got married, changed jobs, moved to a different country, and bought a house, mostly in the middle of a global pandemic!


Next, I’ll turn more of my attention to getting some sort of release artifact ready, tidying things up, and doing something about documentation. I think I’ll move everything to a new repository to clean up the long, tangled history in the current repository.

What does passing 90% of the test suite really mean? It’s a little hard to say. There are bugs and things that are incomplete, of course. There are also pipelines where it just falls over. It returns results for pipelines where it should raise an error, and probably returns incorrect results sometimes, but I don’t think it does that very often. Mostly, I feel like I’m tracking down pipelines that should pass but raise errors and pipelines where I fail, but with the wrong error code. Mostly.

One thing that my first release will not be is production ready. If you’ve got a production application that would benefit from pipelines, Achim’s MorganaXProc-III is still a much better choice today!

But I’m getting “2.99.0” ready for release!