DocBook xslTNG (experimental) 2.0.0 release

Volume 6, Issue 18; 30 Dec 2022

An experimental release of the DocBook xslTNG Stylesheets version 2.0.0 is now available. Experience reports of all sorts most eagerly solicited.

As I mentioned just the other day, I’ve been trying to get a new version of the DocBook xslTNG Stylesheets finished for a few weeks now. The big (and sometimes backwards incompatible changes) are:

  • The system for dealing with generated text has been completely rewritten. We’re back to using templates as described in Chapter 4 of the updated reference guide. Most of the parameters, variables, and functions associated with gentext have been removed.
  • It’s likely that there are small changes to the way lists-of-titles and cross references are formatted by default in some cases.
  • Labels for formal objects may be different, but I think these changes actually fix previously unreported bugs.
  • In some contexts, for example callouts, labels are now used for the links instead of titles.
  • The parameters for the t:top-nav and t:bottom-nav templates have changed. These templates are now always called, even when chunking is not being performed. The new $chunk parameter indicates whether or not a chunk is being formatted.
  • Fixed a bug where orderedlist numeration was not handled correctly in cross-references to list items.
  • Made another attempt at sorting out how media object URIs are resolved in the source (for reading their properties) and formatted in the output. If the $mediaobject-input-base-uri is specified, it is always used.

There are probably other changes as well, fixing localization was a pretty substantial change.

Many customization layers will need to be updated before they’ll generate the right output. If you’re having trouble, please open up a bug report and I’ll try to help.

(I haven’t pushed this to Maven, so you’ll need to get it from the release. If that’s a problem, let me know.)



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—Posted by Norman Walsh on 11 Jan 2023 @ 06:40 UTC #

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