22 Oct 2020

Various and sundry Atom feeds.

If you’d prefer to get your tidbits from a feed reader, you can subscribe to any one of several Atom feeds here.

  • Whats new, a summary-only feed of recent posts.
  • Full text, a full-text feed of recent posts.
  • Comments, a feed of all the comments. You can also subscribe to the comments on a particular post; there’s a subscription link at the end of each post.


You can filter these feeds by topic, subject, or “coverage” (where it’s about).

  • To filter by topic, add a “topic={topickey} parameter to the URI
  • To filter by subject, add a “subject={subjectkey} parameter to the URI
  • To filter by coverage, add a “coverage={coveragekey} parameter to the URI

You may specify zero or more of each kind of filter. The feed will only contain posts that satisfy all of the filters.

  • Topics are listed on the topics page.
  • Subjects are listed on the subjects page.
  • Coverages are a little less obvious. To find the coveragekey, navigate from the coverage page to a particular location. The key is the part of the URI after /coverage/. For example, the URI for Prague is and the key is cz-prague. (Yeah, it’s a bit tedious, but it doesn’t seem like the kind of thing very many people are going to use.)