Volume 2, Issue 18; 27 May 2018

A simple script for managing ssh tunnels.

I use ssh tunnels often enough to be annoyed by their slightly convoluted syntax, but not often enough to remember that syntax. Back on the Mac, years ago, I found a graphical program to manage them. When I moved to Linux, I found gSTM. But that program hasn't been updated recently and isn't included in Ubuntu 18.04 because it relies on some out-of-date X11 libraries.

When five minutes of searching for a more up-to-date alternative failed to reveal one, I decided to write my own. Not a full blown-graphical version (at least not yet), just something to manage the syntax. It was also a chance to practice my Python.

There must surely be other scripts that do this, but mine is sshtunnel.

Share and enjoy.

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