That’s Ace

Volume 3, Issue 24; 10 Oct 2019

Switching from SimpleMDE to Ace was straightforward. Eventually.

A few weeks ago I asked about replacements for SimpleMDE. SimpleMDE is an in-browser editor for markdown. It’s nice, but it has issues on mobile devices and it appears to have been abandoned.

After reviewing the suggestions and doing a bit of poking around, I decided to give stackedit.js a try. (It appears to have been abandoned as well and it was careless of me not to notice this before I started.) Follow along now, you’re going to get a chuckle out of this.

  1. Work my way through the docs and examples to figure out how the API works.
  2. Adapt what I’ve learned to make it work in my application.
  3. Run a few simple tests, persuade myself that it’s working.
  4. Migrate the code from my staging setup to the public site.
  5. Confirm it’s still working.
  6. Try editing the site with my phone.
  7. It goes bang: called in an invalid security context
  8. Curse loudly.
  9. Search the internet for answers.
  10. Discover that I reported this exact bug on 23 December, 2018. 🤦‍♂️
  11. Curse some more.

I’ve now pulled that back out and replaced it with Ace.

The Ace API is simple and easy to use and it works nicely on both desktop and mobile browsers.

Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions.

As a bonus, I cleaned up some of the CSS with my first (or maybe second) attempt to use Flexbox. It does exactly what I want and didn’t require three extra levels of divs and some magical positioning properties. Also a win.