Another walk

Volume 3, Issue 23; 06 Oct 2019

Going for another walk.

I realized after I’d published my post yesterday that I’d implied there were no other loops that one could walk. That’s not strictly true. This morning, I set out on the “other” obvious loop.

That’s about as short as the loop can be (ignoring my detours off the path) partly because my legs were tired but also because ACL is underway this weekend and the whole area around Zilker Park is blanketed in a maze of chain link fence.

I passed a couple of abandoned scooters. This one’s sitting quietly by the side of the road, another was bleating helplessly in the weeds by the trail. Given the uneven terrain, it must have been carried a long way before someone decided whatever they had in mind wasn’t worth the effort.

Abandoned scooter

I guess I usually walk the other way, “upstream”; I was quite surprised by how much standing water is still present along this stretch. I saw turtles, bluegill (or something similar), and lots of little minnows.

Bigger pond

I’m pretty sure I’ve been to this little falls when there was water running through it.


Swimming still seemed ill advised, though.

The swing is closed today

The apartment complex pool was a little more inviting.


Three and a half miles or so, I think.