Automatic tweets

Volume 3, Issue 35; 26 Nov 2019

The future will be tweeted. In particular, posts I write on my weblog will be.

For a while now, I’ve been using to crosspost short-form posts to Twitter. But when I initially set that up, I didn’t include “ordinary” posts.

Consequently, when I posted something like this, I either had to tweet it “by hand” or accept that you’d only be likely to see it if you’re subscribed to a relevant feed or if you stumbled across it. Using a short-form post on my site to make that tweet would look odd on the weblog, so that tweet would never go to my

Yesterday I mused about whether or not I should fix this. Some of you “liked” that tweet, which I interpreted as support for the notion.

So now I’ve done it. It’s a little hard to predict how the crossposting is going to work. I think there will be four new tweets: one for each of the normal essays that haven’t been posted before (including this one) that appear in the microblog feed that drives the crossposting.

I could have worked to suppress the preceding three, but it didn’t seem worth it.

On the other hand, I did tweak the format of that feed just a little bit, so I may, very embarrassingly, end up with 30 posts. But I assume not.

One way to find out…