National Waterfront Museum

Volume 4, Issue 9; 25 Jan 2020

Wedding review: the venue.

SaySee also: wedding reviews. you wanted to get married in Swansea. You couldn’t pick a better venue than the National Waterfront Museum. It’s a delightfully charming space with models and exhibits and even a Great Jerboa (stuffed, I hasten to add).

The staff are splendid: thoughtful, generous, and helpful. They made everything go absolutely smoothly. The catering was perfect and the food was absolutely scrumptious. (I don’t know how you serve lamb shanks to sixty people at the same time and have them all be delicious, but clearly they do!) They were also scrupulous about catering to any and all dietary requirements, even for guests whose addition to the list was fairly last-minute.

Logistically, they’re centrally located and there’s nearby parking.

I can’t imagine having found a better venue for our quirky games-themed wedding in Swansea.

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