Wedding reviews

Volume 4, Issue 7; 21 Jan 2020

The good and the…better, because everything was pretty much awesome.

Point of information, in case you missed it: Bethan and I did a big hecking wedding a week or so back!

Now there’s a big hecking stack of thank you cards to write and a bunch of folks we want to give a big public shout out to. I’ll be doing some reviews over the next few days. I’m going to post each one separately just to make it easier to refer to them, should someone want to.

For context, broadly speaking:

  1. We picked a venue and a registrar.
  2. We selected a photographer.
  3. Bethan designedYes, Bethan is clearly the one with the talent here, but I’m reliable and patient so I did a lot of support work (managing print jobs, folding, tucking, assembling, and tying things together, etc.). a set of playing cards.
  4. We decided to go with a games theme.
  5. Bethan designed and constructed a felt wedding bouquet and boutonnières.
  6. Bethan designed and we printed and assembled the name tags and thank you cards.
  7. Bethan designed and we printed the book plates and the order of service (complete with games and puzzles about which I hope Bethan will post more).
  8. We got some plain cakes and invited our guests to graffiti them with icing pens (which they did, with gusto and—in many cases—great skill).

Most of these steps involve a review of some sort.

In retrospect, we had all kinds of good ideas for this wedding, but none better than the idea that we should propose books as gifts. What we said was:

You are absolutely not expected to bring a gift. However, we know that people often like to give gifts at weddings; we definitely do! So, if you feel you want to, … we’d like you to choose a book for us. Any book that is meaningful to you, or that you think will be meaningful or useful or amusing to us.

We were given an amazing range of fabulous books.


And many of them had amazing stories to go with them. A tiny pocket New Testament, given to Bethan's grandfather by his uncle in 1915. A book which my father-in-law had read to him as a sick child. The book from which one friend learned to read. Every book said something about our friends, about the things they love and want to share with us. We sat on the floor of our hotel room, the day after the wedding, and unwrapped book after book together. It will remain one of our treasured memories of the weekend. (We'll publish the whole bibliography once we've had time to format it properly.)

Let’s begin the reviews with a big round of “You’re the best!” to all of the wonderful people we share our lives with. Many came, some great distances, to help us celebrate gettin’ hitched! We love you all.