XML Calabash updates

Volume 4, Issue 21; 24 Mar 2020

Slow but steady, and a Gradle update.

We’re all working from home now. Oddly, of course, working from home is perfectly ordinary for me. Not that anything is ordinary right now. Still, I’m plugging away on XML Calabash 3.0 in the off hours. I’ve climbed my way past 75% on the test suite. (With ~1800 tests, that’s not entirely insignificant!)

I’ve been distracted a bit the last couple of days working on my Gradle task plugin for XML Calabash 1.x. I upgraded one of my repositories to Gradle 6.2.2 and suddenly got a whole shed-load of warnings about aspects of my plugin that are deprecated and would be errors in Gradle 7.0.


I find everything about Gradle intensely frustrating. But it’s better than the alternatives nevertheless.

I did eventually work out how to fix the plugin. And I did eventually work out how to make the maven-publish plugin work (because the old maven plugin is also deprecated). And I did eventually work out how to get signing working with maven-publish. And I did eventually work out how to get the source and Javadocs into the published artifact.

And I did eventually get 1.4.0 published.

Share and enjoy.