Shuffled Ink

Volume 4, Issue 20; 08 Mar 2020

Wedding review: Shuffled Ink playing cards.

As I recall,See also: Wedding reviews. we got the idea fairly quickly to make a custom deck of cards as a wedding favor. From there, it wasn’t a great leap to the idea of making the whole wedding loosely games themed. (A decision that was uniformly well received among the guests, as far as we can tell.)

We got a few suggestions for manufacturers, but was Clip’s recommendation for Shuffled Ink that payed off.

They were fantastic! And the cards they print are fabulous! They sent us a bunch of samples of different stock, different finishes, and different slip cases that made it really easy to figure out what features were important to us.

Shuffled Ink provided really good templates and answered questions about the designs for us. And of course, Bethan’s design turned out absolutely gorgeous!

Playing cards

So gorgeous, in fact, that we used the designs for one of the backgrounds at the venue (and at the moment, as the banner graphic on my Twitter profile).

Cards banner

We printed a couple of extra blank cards in each pack which we pulled out and used as the “guest book” for the wedding.If the weird numeric border is confusing, it may help to know that in our technical world, ♥ is one way to represent the Unicode character ♥.

Blank cards

If we ever think of making another deck of cards (ordinary playing cards or specialty cards for a game or anything of that sort), Shuffled Ink will definitely be our first port of call!