Catalog resolver migration

Volume 4, Issue 39; 07 Aug 2020

Migrating your application from the Apache Commons catalog resolver to XML Resolver.

I’ve written about the XML Resolver project a few times (I pushed 1.0.0 in March of last year and I wrote about the 1.0.6 release in December; the current release is 1.0.8). The XML Resolver is my reimplementation of the catalog resolver for JVM applications.

It uses the OASIS XML Catalogs V1.1 Standard to provide a mapping from public identifiers and URIs to local resources. The URIResolver, EntityResolver, EntityResolver2, NamespaceResolver, and LSResourceResolver interfaces are all implemented. It also supports automatically caching downloaded resources so that they’re available locally the next time.

One question that arises from time to time is “how do I migrate to the new resolver”? The answer is, basically, change one or two class names. You’re done.

I’ve attempted to demonstrate this in a new repository, that includes both documentation and code samples.

It’s a little hard for me to predict all the ways that developers might have integrated catalog support into their applications. If you’re trying to migrate and can’t figure out how, open an issue and I’ll see if I can help.