XML Resolver

Volume 3, Issue 44; 14 Dec 2019

Another release of my XML Resolver is available.

This post replaces a previous post.

I tripped over an NPE in the resolver library last night. Well, it would be more accurate to say that I tripped over an NPE last night and after some investigation this evening, I discovered that it was in the resolver.

Turned out that if you enabled caching, the cache directory didn’t exist, and the cache directory couldn’t be created,…bad happened (the aforementioned NPE).

I’ve fixed that in version 1.0.6.That’s right, I pushed code on Friday the 13th…because 13 has no significance whatsoever. (Also pushed to Maven.)

I also promoted the warning message about failure to create the directory from being a “debug” level message to an “info” level message. And while I was there, I promoted a few “trace” level messages to “debug”. Mostly because getting Gradle to print the trace messages was so damned difficult.

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