DocBook xslTNG 1.7.0-xx released

Volume 6, Issue 3; 09 Apr 2022

New DocBook xslTNG stylesheet release(s).

I’m working my way through upgrading the various projects I maintain to use Saxon 11.x. Crossing major version boundaries is always a bit of a challenge. This time the challenge is in the resolver APIs.

I can’t really complain since I’m mostly responsible. Saxon 11.x uses the XML Resolver I maintain to manage entity and URI resolution instead of the ancient version from Apache XML Commons (also, coincidentally, written by me).

The DocBook xslTNG Stylesheets contain code to manage and configure the resolver because they’ve been using my XML Resolver since before Saxon did.

Unfortunately, that’s forced a fork. It just wouldn’t be practical to have a single release that worked with either Saxon 10.x or Saxon 11.x, so I’ve pushed two releases: 1.7.0-10, for Saxon 10.x, and 1.7.0-11, for Saxon 11.x. (If you’re still using Saxon 9.x, I don’t think there are any breaking changes in 1.7.0-10, but I didn’t test it.)

There’s not much different between 1.6.2 and 1.7.0, it’s mostly infrastructure updating and the forking. I did work a bit on the Python script, but it may still have install issues if you don’t have already have the requirements (Click and Pygments) installed.

I’d appreciate feedback, positive or negative, from anyone who tries either the -10 or -11 releases, or both.