CoffeePot 1.99.0

Volume 6, Issue 4; 09 Jun 2022

A test release of my command line Invisible XML implementation.

A while back, I announced NineML and my little collection of Invisible XML processing tools (a couple of APIs on the JVM, a command line processor, a set of Saxon extension functions, and an XProc step).

The grammar of Invisible XML has changed a bit since then. We now have (at least):

  • A new syntax for “repetition with a separator” that is less error-prone (we hope).
  • Insertions that let you add text into the result that doesn’t appear in the input.
  • An optional version declaration.
  • And standard error codes for better interoperability of error reporting.

(And maybe some other things too, that’s just off the top of my head.)

Steven is giving his hands on tutorial at XML Prague this weekend, so I wanted to get out a new release that uses the latest grammar.

It’s not really quite as polished as I’d like, so I’m labeling it a “pre-release”, but it passes all the tests and should work just fine. (I think it’s a little slower, but I haven’t worked out why.)

I’ll try to get the fit and finish work done soon and update the documentation. I’ll also try to update the articles to reflect the latest Invisible XML grammar.