Toot toot!

Volume 6, Issue 13; 09 Dec 2022

I’m migrating away from the fowl site and participating more in the fediverse. It’s a nice place, you should join.

I’m not going to try to write any kind of deep think piece. Others have done it better and that’s not really me anyway. The facts are that the management at the fowl site makes me not want to be there any more and the fediverse has ramped up pretty quickly for the folks I’ve been following. I’m sure the “I’m following” sets are different, but there’s enough overlap to make it feel like I’m seeing the sorts of things I want to see.

I’ve disconnected the tools that automatically posted things like weblog postings to Twitter and pointed them at my fediverse identity instead, I will probably tweet a link to this post, but that might be my last ever tweet.

There’s lots of cool stuff about the fediverse, and lots of open problems to solve. The bad actors are trying wreck it, the good actors are trying to preserve it. I don’t think the final answers about moderation, security, and preserving a safe space for us all are known. The struggle will continue, but I like the odds.

In the meantime, the federated nature of the space seems to be rekindling interest in technologies like RSS feeds and I will be very surprised if we don’t see some interesting new services and formats developing.

I have a handful of accounts on the fowl site that are more-or-less bots. Things like @xproc and @xmlcalabash that I don’t really read, but I use to post announcements. I wanted to move some of those over and I wanted to do it in a way that would make them easier to use. There’s no reason that I should be the sole manager of the @xproc account, for example, but 2FA and such make it hard to have multiple users.

Turns out, feeds are the an answer. I’ve arranged for an RSS feed of “status updates” to be generated on Anyone working on XProc with the ability to publish on can (in principle, I’m not claiming it’s well documented yet!) add an entry. That will simultaneously update the “XProc status” RSS feed and push a toot from Sweet!

I’ve done the same thing for status updates from the QT4 CG. There’s both a feed and a bot, Both are updated when new agendas or minutes are posted and when issues are opened and closed. Other status messages can be posted too, of course.

The automation isn’t really in place yet, and I haven’t done any setup work for any other accounts yet, but it came together pretty quickly and seems like it should be workable.


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