Frosty broads

Volume 6, Issue 14; 12 Dec 2022

It’s been a (long) while since I did a photo post.

These are pictures from a frosty morning on the Norfolk broads.

Rose hips in frost

This one caught the sun a little more directly on the 10th, but the depth of field on this phone camera is remarkably shallow. I went back and tried again the next day.

Rose hip in frost

This is from the same rose bush.

Leaves in frost

Lots of leaves with rime around the edges.

Rose in frost

On this bush, a few actual roses were hanging on.


It’s easy to fail to notice just how many spider webs there are…


…until every single one of them is standing out in sharp, icy relief.


I hope the spiders are somewhere safe.

I failed to make these pictures (and some others) into a set. Tempted as I am to fix that by writing a few raw SQL queries against the production database from my mother’s dining room table shortly before I start a six-and-a-bit hour train journey, I’m going to resist. You can find them all in the December archive, if you want.

I’m also annoyed that the export process stripped out the latitude and longitude. But that’d be harder to fix, so I guess I’ll just leave it be.


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