XML Resolver

Volume 3, Issue 18; 14 Sep 2019

A new release of my XML Resolver is available. It fixes a couple of caching bugs.

This morning, I pushed version 1.0.3 of my XML Resolver. I also pushed it to Maven, if you prefer not to construct your class paths by hand, but it probably won’t show up there before mid-afternoon.

What happened was that I noticed I was still getting warnings from Saxon when updating my XML Summer School slides despite having switched to version 2.3.14 of the stylesheets.

When I traced it down, I discovered that the XML Resolver had cached the stylesheets the day before and was returning the out-of-date cached versions.

That, in turn, was caused by a failure to consider “https:” URIs in a couple of places (😳) and a missing check for whether or not the cached entry was, in fact, expired.

Those are the bugs that 1.0.3 fixes.

Share and enjoy.

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