Another new laptop

Volume 3, Issue 45; 14 Dec 2019

Yeah, really. And, no, this isn’t a post I wanted to write.

So. The new laptop was really pretty nice, except for the keyboard, which I had to have replaced. Twice. Then several things happened:

  1. I started to feel like the second replacement keyboard was “acting funny”. It hadn’t (yet) demonstrated the undeniable signs of repeating keys, but maybe it was about to. I could totally have been imagining it, and I’d have just pressed on, except…
  2. I read a few things that suggested that only two replacements were allowed under warranty. That significantly amped up my anxiety about the issue .
  3. Apple came out with the new 16” model that abandoned the “butterfly” keyboard design for the good, old, reliable “scissor” mechanism.
  4. And this is the kicker. When I poked about on the Apple website, I discovered that they’d give me almost $2K in trade-in for my 2018 model.

That left me thinking: I don’t have any confidence that this laptop will last another two years (I consider three years the operating life of a new laptop), I may end up paying (perhaps significantly) for repairs even when it’s “under warranty”, the new model definitively fixes the keyboard problem, and the longer I wait, the less value my trade-in will have.

I decided to cut my losses and take the hit. Goodbye, Hackmatack.

Final state

Hello new Hackmatack. (Not yet enstickered.)

It was waiting for me when I got home last weekend. I’m a dab hand at rebuildingCatalina, inevitable on the new laptop, locks down the root filesystem which required me to move some things around from where I’d like to have them. I thought about trying to fight against that, but in the end, I just gave in. Fine, ~/Projects instead of /projects, etc. [Expletive deleted.] my setup, so it was up and running by Sunday evening and I’ve been using it all week.

It’s not a lot different from its predecessor except that it has a decent [sigh of relief] keyboard. It has 64gb of memory which comes in handy if you’ve got big apps and a couple of clusters running in containers. It feels a bit heavier than the 15” model, but not enough to matter.

It’s good.