Prettier feed

Volume 3, Issue 38; 28 Nov 2019

If you follow this weblog with a feed reader, I think I’ve improved the formatting of the full text feed.

A while back, I added a “published” slug to the top of my weblog posts (my name and picture and a link, basically). You don’t see them if you read the post on So… because they’re a pretty redundant in that context.

They exists so that if you make a webmention to the post, they turn up in the mention. In that context they do make sense.

Except I’ve been using NetNewsWire and, while I don’t read my own posts there, I am subscribed to the feed. And the posts look kind of 💩. I assume the same is true in your news reader. The title is repeated (because it appears in the title for the feed entry and in the full text) and the slug is awkwardly redundant there too.

I have a cleanup pass for the full text feed (to move the marginal annotations inline). I’ve updated it to suppress the H1 title from the feed and the slug.

If it looks bad in your reader, please tell me. I’m going to find out if it looks better in NetNewsWire by, uh, posting this!